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A fitting analogy for employee research

15th July 2013 | Employee Engagement

When conversation turns to the attraction of London (as opposed to the grumbles) it’s often music, culture, and history that’s spoken about. For me it’s always been about smart, stylish, sartorial London. From the tailors of Savile Row to the artistry of Westwood and McQueen, British design is unmatched. The more I’ve been thinking about … Continued

The leadership challenges for Mark Carney

1st July 2013 | Leadership

Each morning, I walk past the “Old Lady Of Threadneedle Street” to our offices just next to the Bank of England.  While it’s always a beautiful and impressive edifice to pass, this morning it seemed a little more poignant.  As Mark Carney arrives for his first day at work, he will face a number of … Continued

Replacing great leaders

14th May 2013 | Employee Engagement

The news that Sir Alex Ferguson will be retiring at the end of the season was greeted by surprise, but the general reaction from 99.9% of people, whoever they support, has been one of admiration for a man who has led, not just the football team, but been the figurehead for the whole Manchester United … Continued

Mind the (engagement strategy) gap

3rd May 2013 | Employee Engagement

Do you have an employee engagement strategy? If the answer is “no”, you have some serious thinking to do. When we first ask HRDs, Heads of Engagement or Internal Communications Directors within organisations that question, the most common answer is, indeed, “no”. Or, at best, “well not really…”. Yet, most companies are full of engagement … Continued

The FT’s Lucy Kellaway has bumbled into a wasps’ nest…

30th April 2013 | Employee Engagement

Normally, I love Lucy Kellaway’s writing in the FT: pithy, perceptive and unfailingly astute when it comes to management issues. But her recent piece sub-titled “All this stuff about employee engagement is nonsense” is, sadly, about as flawed as it gets. And alarmingly so for an FT journalist. The article in question is here: “Worker … Continued

Valuable leadership lessons from the Thatcher era

9th April 2013 | Leadership

Rarely has the death of a politician created such a polarised reaction. In the immediate few hours since Margaret Thatcher died, Twitter has had everything. From The Economist’s “One of only a handful of peace-time politicians who can claim to have changed the world” to Frankie Boyle’s “Finally, I get to wear my black suit … Continued

Dr Andy Brown’s top tips for employee engagement #6

18th March 2013 | Employee Engagement

Having line managers who are able to deal quickly with poor performance is vital. Employees like to know when they’ve done a great job and to know when they haven’t done so well – and what they need to do to improve. If one team member is working very hard but a colleague isn’t, disengagement … Continued

The fears and focuses of CEOs: three key trends

10th March 2013 | Leadership

CEOs have a lot to fear and even more to focus on in the current economic climate. As a recent PWC CEO survey shows, confidence at the top of businesses is growing but only slowly and with a heavy pinch of caution. Their recent data (based on interviewing over 1,300 CEOs across 68 countries) finds … Continued

Why bother with employee engagement?

5th March 2013 | Employee Engagement

Take a look to find out how engaged employees add value to your business and why it should matter to you. Why engagement matters from Engage on Vimeo. Still have questions or just want to talk? Please call +44 (0) 203 176 4531