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Connections: The 2015 State of Employee Engagement

1st September 2015 | Employee Engagement

By Dr. Andy Brown, Executive Director, London, and Christopher Hannegan, Executive Vice President, Chicago It’s hard to deny that engaged employees are a key competitive differentiator. Creating deeper connections with employees, across organisations and with the wider world are important for business success. With our partners at Edelman, we recently conducted two studies to explore … Continued

Linking employee engagement with customer engagement and performance: the evidence

27th May 2015 | Employee Engagement

We all “get” the link between having engaged employees, engaged customers and bottom-line performance. It’s intuitive, isn’t it? Yet a huge number of companies are still not leveraging this relationship. So why is that? The first EdelmanENGAGE “State of Engagement” study wanted to explore what companies are actually doing globally to convert engagement into competitive … Continued

Driving integrated employee and customer engagement from the top

24th May 2015 | Employee Engagement

  The importance of senior sponsorship Having worked in employee and customer engagement for over 20 years, there’s one rule that works across every company, every industry and every geography: without sponsorship from senior leaders, these issues will never take hold as a recognised driver of business performance.   This sponsorship and support matters for … Continued

State of employee engagement – your questions and more

12th May 2015 | Employee Engagement

On 14 April 2015, Dr Andy Brown and Nick Howard presented the findings of EdelmanENGAGE’s inaugural study of employee engagement. The webinar was hosted by CIPR Inside. The study was undertaken during the last quarter of 2014, and invited respondents working in internal communication, HR and engagement, from across the globe from different industries to … Continued

Managing the March of Multi-Patriates

26th April 2015 | Employee Engagement

Risks and opportunities in the ever expanding global international assignment market – a case example. Vernon Bryce: Consulting Director Asha Pattni: Senior Research Executive   Going global As markets become more globalised there is a huge rise in international assignments often for months or even years at a time. In this respect, businesses (and business … Continued

The Engaging Organisation: How To Link The Voice Of The Employee And The Voice Of The Customer

13th March 2015 | Employee Engagement

Read the full white paper this blog is based on here. We all need to engage. Whether you are a parent or teacher trying to engage with children or students, a politician trying to engage with constituents ahead of the election or an enterprise trying to engage with your stakeholders, making a connection with your … Continued

Drive Your Organisational Success with Employee Engagement

3rd March 2015 | Employee Engagement

Originally posted as an ACEVO Guest Blog A huge amount has been written about employee engagement over the last couple of decades. Type in “employee engagement” to Google and you will find yourself wading through around 21,500,000 search results. There are a plethora of definitions, models and musings on the subject. For many leaders in … Continued

Five frightening facts about employee engagement

13th February 2015 | Employee Engagement

How can you convert employee engagement into competitive advantage and what trends will we see in the future? Here are five key takeaways from our sneak preview at the inaugural EdelmanENGAGE survey into engagement.   Engagement is still just too “HR” It’s hard to deny that engaged employees are a key competitive differentiator. Creating deeper … Continued