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Will the new PM create more voice, transparency and trust in the workplace?

18th July 2016 | Employee Engagement

Theresa May has already come up with some bold proposals on workplace governance. Will they work? Even before she was pronounced as the new leader of the Conservative Party and installed as the new Prime Minister, Theresa May had espoused some radical proposals on corporate governance. They include proposals for employees to be on company … Continued

England: disengaged and out of the Euros (again)

29th June 2016 | Employee Engagement

The headline joke was obvious: “out of Europe for the second time in a week”.  Sadly, the performance was just as predictable. England, as we all painfully know, are out of the Euros.  Beaten 2-1 by Iceland.  We didn’t even lose in our traditional penalty shoot-out.  The reaction from supporters, the press and pundits alike … Continued

Focusing on leadership and performance: lessons from England’s historic series win in Australia

27th June 2016 | Employee Engagement

Whether or not Peter Drucker did say that “culture eats strategy for breakfast” (and there is apparently some debate here) it is certainly a philosophy that Stuart Lancaster, recently departed England Rugby Football Union coach took to heart.  It is one that his successor, Australian Eddie Jones, interprets in a rather different way. Lancaster took … Continued

Leicester’s Leadership Lessons

4th May 2016 | Leadership

So the unthinkable has happened. A new, non-“big four” club has won the Premiership finally. And (as a Sunderland fan – apologies), what a great thing that is. But what leadership lessons can we learn from how Claudio Ranieri has achieved such an amazing feat? Here are four we have picked up in observing his … Continued