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Redefining the Future – Employee Experience in a Changed World

20th October 2020 | ENGAGE News

Last week, we took part in the CRF’s digital conference, focusing on the new business landscape and the need for organisations to reset, renew and thrive. There was certainly a wealth of information shared across the two days, and a great deal of food for thought for organisations of all sizes as we continue to … Continued

Leading through uncertainty

14th October 2020 | Leadership

As organisations face continuing uncertainty in the months ahead, and with no clear ‘exit strategy’ from the pandemic in sight, we look at how leadership can adapt to ensure employees and organisations can continue to survive and thrive. Have a read of our latest article to understand the need to redefine the pure-play model of … Continued

Redefining the Future: Employee Experience in a Changed World – A Masterclass

30th September 2020 | ENGAGE News

Never has it been more critical to collaborate with industry peers and experts on the future of the workplace, organisational culture, leadership and engagement. That’s why we’re delighted to be joining CRF for their Digital Conference: Re-imagining the New Landscape: Reset, Renew and Thrive.   Taking place on 12-13 October, the event will explore the … Continued

Long term lessons: what we can all still learn from the crisis and beyond

21st September 2020 | Employee Engagement

Six months on from the start of UK lockdown, and with business still very much not ‘as usual’, there is a huge amount we continue to learn as we move our working and personal lives forward.   Since March, we’ve worked closely with our clients to understand the new realities that organisations face as we … Continued

Leading through uncertainty and out of a crisis

10th September 2020 | Leadership

Global crises bring great leaders to the surface. They also change the very definition of leadership itself. The coronavirus pandemic is no different, with far-reaching organisational implications – how we work, how we manage and how we engage must all evolve. Read our thought leadership article to understand the steps that you and your business … Continued

Return to the workplace: whose choice is it?

2nd September 2020 | Employee Engagement

The debate around a return to the workplace is increasing in volume, with a Government campaign set to land this week, yet continuing fear and uncertainty around guaranteed employee safety and wellbeing.   So, what is the right thing for employers to do?   The simple answer is there is no single right thing. Multiple … Continued

What COVID-19 has taught us about engagement and leadership

24th August 2020 | Leadership

Despite the huge challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with, there have also been lessons to learn for businesses of all kinds. Read our latest article in TheHRDirector to find out what crises can teach us about leadership and engagement for the long term.  

Are we prepared to understand the new normal of work? Not quite, webinar shows

20th July 2020 | ENGAGE News

One third of organisations are not including measurement around health, safety and wellbeing as part of their approach to employee engagement following the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s despite an increasing number of organisations now implementing return to the workplace strategies.   Almost a third of organisations also don’t believe current engagement approaches have given them a … Continued

Webinar: Engaging employees for the “new normal” – are you prepared?

23rd June 2020 | ENGAGE News

As more organisations prepare their teams for a return to the workplace, employees and leaders alike are questioning how ready and comfortable they really are.   While many businesses have built up a huge amount of goodwill during the COVID-19 crisis, and teams across all sectors have proven their agility and adaptability to new ways … Continued