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The Great Resignation – or the Great Reset?

26th July 2021 | COVID-19

There has been a lot of focus recently on the Great Resignation, a belief that there are a significant percentage of employees who have pent-up frustration with their current role and are planning to ‘vote with their feet’ as the economy opens up. It’s being painted as a crisis for organisations everywhere, but is this … Continued

A game of one whole, not two halves: What we can learn from the leadership of Mancini and Southgate

14th July 2021 | Leadership

It’s likely you’re already bored of the post-match commentary following the England v Italy Euros final. The match, the players and the tournament have been scrutinised, questioned and dissected to the minutest of details – and not always in a positive way. What we’ve taken away as leadership experts, however, is something hugely positive. We’ve … Continued

The right to disconnect

7th June 2021 | COVID-19

The trades union, Prospect, has called for the government to give employees a legally binding ‘right to disconnect’ at the end of the working day – the right not to pick up the phone or respond to emails – effectively, the right to stop working. As many of us will be all too familiar, working … Continued

Return to the workplace: the four deeper challenges that organisations must consider if they’re to get it right.

29th March 2021 | Employee Engagement

The future of our working lives is the subject of continuing debate as we move through the phases of the pandemic. With lockdown regulations having enforced millions to work from home for the past year, many organisations are now facing the complexities of planning a return to the workplace, or implementing new flexible or hybrid … Continued