Keeping employees motivated and engaged in the face of both personal and business uncertainty is a huge challenge for organisations as the coronavirus crisis continues. During these first weeks, the emphasis has been on an immediate emergency response, primarily centred around employee wellbeing.


But now, many businesses are shifting their focus towards maintaining business performance in the medium term and looking for opportunities for growth and renewal in the long term. They’re also anticipating the best way to navigate return to work strategies, with plans due to be announced by the government later this week.


This will have all considerable implications for employee engagement strategies. Leaders will need to adapt them to fit with the evolving needs of the business, and perhaps alter them altogether to be appropriate for the future new normal of the organisation.


Whatever this new normal may be, we’ll be discussing the challenges of maintaining employee engagement through times of change with the Corporate Research Forum in a webinar on 13th May.


Join us and Gillian Pillans, CRF’s Research Director, to discuss:


  • How have organisations’ engagement strategies changed in the short term in response to Covid-19?
  • What strategies can organisations adopt to maintain employee engagement among virtual teams?
  • What should companies be doing now to prepare for life and the return to work after the crisis?


We’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Do share your ideas with us or contact the ENGAGE team to discuss the specific employee engagement challenges and opportunities that your own organisation is facing.


Sean Mills / Director

Michael Frantl / Associate Director