We develop tailored, agile and iterative solutions, fully aligned to your strategic goals. These are continuously informed by ongoing feedback that allow you to adjust as priorities change.

Our approach puts performance and measurable ROI at the heart of everything we do.


We go deep to understand your unique challenges. We make sure we understand what’s different about your people, your culture, and the changes or challenges you face.


We always start by gathering data on the key issues. We design research that gives a richer picture and is tailored to unearth your specific issues.


We use smart analytics to identify your key priorities. We convert data from descriptive to predictive, assessing what matters and how to drive improvements.


We help you implement changes to tackle your priorities. We advise senior leaders on what change is needed and how to embed a culture of continuous innovation and improvement.


We ensure performance is measurably improved. We always agree performance metrics upfront and use ROI assessment to ensure the changes you make have impact.

Developing leaders and leadership teams that engage people to perform

Leaders must be highly engaged and engaging if they are to drive performance. But all leaders and all organisations are different. We enable you to transform leadership at every level, with customised programmes that reflect the unique culture, values, behaviours and DNA of your organisation. Progress is measurable and ROI is tracked through continuous (re-)assessment and feedback.

We deploy a range of assessment tools, which, when analysed together, give a complete overview of individual leaders and leadership team strengths and opportunities.

We use the assessment data to create tailored individual leader and leadership team development plans.

We deliver one-on-one coaching sessions for individual leaders to work through their Blueprint priorities and team coaching sessions to drive improvement, accountability and sustainability.

Creating an employee experience that engages people to perform

The employee experience you deliver goes much deeper than whether your people are happy or not. We support you in creating experiences that enable all employees to play their part in business success. And it’s all based on clear data, analysis and insight. Customised research and analytics informs data-driven decision-making around people priorities and performance.

We design fully integrated measurement programmes to continuously assess the relationship and impact of each part of the employee life-cycle and experience on individual and organisational performance.

We deliver end-to-end listening programmes through baseline engagement surveys, life-cycle surveys, event-driven, pulse or spotlight surveys and crowdsourcing or innovation surveys.

We embed iterative and innovative approaches to creating high impact employee experience through continuous listening, learning, segmenting and best practice sharing.

Embedding culture, values and behaviours that engage people to perform

The culture of your organisation shapes the employee experience. It determines what it really is that your people feel part of. We are experts in helping businesses identify and embed the right culture. But we also take this further by defining, role-modelling and measuring the values and behaviours that support this – the critical next steps that ensure success. Culture is measurable and a data-driven approach to defining and embedding it creates clear alignment between the values and behaviours of an organisation and how it performs.

Our diagnostic process involves understanding the strategic goals of the business and defining the cultural framework required to deliver these. We use a bespoke measurement tool to assess current against target culture.

Using the diagnostic data, we assess the gap between current and target culture. We use predictive analytics to identify the key behaviours that will close the gap and activate and sustain the target culture.

We develop an implementation plan based around defining, communicating, innovating, role-modelling, recognising and measuring the ROI of a purposeful culture.

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