How long have you worked with ENGAGE?

LV= brought in the ENGAGE team to partner with our Exec and HR team on our employee engagement proposition back in 2018, and we worked together until the start of 2023. 

What work have ENGAGE been partnering with you on as a client?

ENGAGE initially worked with LV= to establish a new approach to employee engagement within the organisation, following which they helped us to measure our progress and advise us on engagement strategies for over four years.

The ENGAGE team created a very positive relationship with the senior executives very quickly. Having spent a lot of time upfront understanding where our business was at, our challenges and how we could use employee listening to tackle those issues, the tailored design, smart analytics and strategic advice ENGAGE provided really helped us make improvements through a period of rapid change. 

The work they provided helped us to really tackle the things that would shift the needle on engagement. They also helped us understand the impact that would have on harder outcomes like productivity, customer service and talent retention.

How have you found working with ENGAGE and its people?

The ENGAGE team have always been highly professional, responsive, thoughtful about our business challenges and very friendly to work with. They have matched the right people with our internal teams at every level – from day-to-day project management right up to senior advisors for our Exec team. In particular they developed an effective and strong partnership with the People team.

How has the work you have done with ENGAGE added value to your business – what difference have they made?

ENGAGE helped us to properly define engagement for our business as we went through a period of rapid change. Their data and insights helped us to focus our actions in the areas of the business and on the topics that would have the biggest impact on engagement.  They have helped us take a more strategic approach to engagement through both positive and tougher periods in our business cycle over the last few years. They also worked with us to ensure our leaders and teams had the tools and knowledge to assist them with practical engagement actions.

Would you recommend other firms to work with ENGAGE?

If you want a smart, tailored and business-focused approach to employee engagement, I would actively and positively recommend ENGAGE to other HR professionals.

Emma Woodford, Head of People, LV: June 2023