Internal Communications

Enabling your organisation to excel through effective internal communications

Enabling your organisation to excel through effective internal communications

The best business strategies are destined to fail if employees are unable to understand and act on them.

Effective internal communications are therefore critical if you are to achieve business goals, drive growth and make positive change.

We help you define, create and implement long-term, two-way communications programmes that ensure everyone across your organisation has the knowledge and tools available to work towards achieving shared corporate goals.

Leadership Communications
Successful communication across your organisation is driven by active, visible and informed leaders. We work with your leadership team to ensure they have the right content, skills and level of visibility across the workplace to allow them to communicate effectively to all employee segments.
Strategic Messaging
Sharing your organisation’s strategic priorities, business plan and corporate values sits at the heart of effective internal communications. We help you create and implement an ongoing communications programme that allows for two-way dialogue – allowing leadership teams to share corporate priorities, and empowering employees to fully engage in delivering against these.
Communications Infrastructure
A successful communications infrastructure is much more than a corporate intranet.

To communicate effectively and consistently you need to combine the channels, tools and content policies most appropriate to your organisation.

We work with you to create a solid, scalable infrastructure that fits the specific audiences you need to reach - and that allows employees to engage through feedback and dialogue.
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Why we are different

Internal communications is often overlooked and rarely considered critical to corporate success.

As a result, few consultancies have the blend of skills and expertise required to drill down into the specific communications challenges of individual organisations.

We do. We have the experience to know the direct impact that internal communication has on strategy, operations and employees – and are skilled in developing programmes to make this impact positive, long-lasting and a driver of business success.

Research and analysis
As with all areas of our business, our internal communications programmes start with research. We work closely with your organisation to gather and analyse information about all aspects of your communications process, from the effectiveness of your leadership team’s communication, to the channels or apps that employees love or loathe. This allows us to define and design a communications plan that helps you achieve your corporate goals, as well as creating a lasting culture of communications best practice.
Infrastructure development
Today’s proliferation of channels, tools and apps means many organisations are tempted to use more and more ‘widgets’ to try and solve communications issues.

But none of these will work without a solid communications programme. We help you create this by combining appropriate communications tools with well-structured corporate content, well-planned communications calendars, and well-defined policies for channel use.
Best practice implementation
Communications best practice relies on the ability to integrate every aspect of your leadership communications, strategic messaging and delivery infrastructure. We work with you to bring these together and define what best practice looks like for your organisation. We then help you identify and implement the changes needed to achieve long-term communication effectiveness – at every level of your business.
Your Blueprint
For every communications programme, we create a unique ‘Communications Blueprint’. Tailored to your organisation and the specific communications requirements you have, this blueprint is a strategic and tactical development plan that pinpoints the action required to drive communications effectiveness and organisation success. Your Communications Blueprint allows you to measure communications ROI on its own, and in relation to wider engagement data and organisational KPIs.
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