25% rise in leadership approval ratings

38% increase in employee engagement

$30 to $472 increase in share price

The Challenge

This global fintech client needed to develop the leadership skills required to transition to, and run, a large multinational organisation. To embed ongoing success and retain high calibre people in a competitive talent market, it also needed to create a pipeline of leadership talent that would continue to move the company forward and grasp opportunities to grow.

Our Approach

We initially worked with the company to establish a leadership coaching and engagement programme and have since, continued to partner together for over 12 years. Over this time, our approach has included several key elements:

  • Assessing the full executive committee (ExCo) using a “triangulation” of data including psychometric profiling, 360° feedback and “forensic” interviews.
  • Developing leadership blueprints for each member of the senior executive team.
  • Creating an initial six-month coaching programme for all ExCo members (plus targeted ongoing support where needed).
  • Managing ongoing coaching of high potential executives.
  • Leading transition coaching for ExCo members moving into new roles within the firm.

Our work has created a robust and supportive leadership culture that develops individuals and has put the business in a strong position to grow.

The Results

Senior leadership approval ratings have risen by 25% and qualitative 360 feedback has improved rapidly. As a result, employee engagement levels in the firm have increased by 38% and the retention of high potential executive talent has improved. Succession planning at senior level has also created the foundations for continued growth.

Robust and effective leadership has fed into the firm’s growth during our time with them. It now employs almost 5,000 people across five continents, has revenues in excess of $2.25bn and a market capitalisation of more than $37.9bn. The firm’s share price is now 15 time higher than it was when we first started working with them.

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