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CEO Today Interview: An insight into business success for 2019

20th December 2018 | Employee Engagement

Organisations have become hugely data driven around their finances and operations, and, more recently, around their customers. They’re now starting to do the same with their broad employee base, learning more from their people metrics to maximise engagement and drive performance.   However, when it comes to leadership, too many decisions are still based on … Continued

A Day in the Life: In engagement, there’s no such thing as typical

18th December 2018 | ENGAGE News

I joined the ENGAGE team in 2015, and since then I can honestly say there has been no such thing as a ‘typical’ day. That’s because every client is different, every programme element bespoke, and every requirement unique.   ENGAGE’s clients are extremely diverse, working in multiple markets which always keeps things interesting. That said, … Continued

Engagement: much more than a two-dimensional exercise

12th December 2018 | Employee Engagement

A recent HR Magazine article highlights the findings of a new report that suggests engagement surveys don’t deliver an accurate picture of employee engagement. It’s an interesting piece of research which reflects our own conclusions from our work with all types and sizes of organisation – engagement is not a two-dimensional exercise.   While the … Continued

Pondering diversity: is age anything more than a number?

30th October 2018 | Employee Engagement

The growing commentary around the issue of age at work has got the team at ENGAGE talking. It’s a topic that we address within our client work around engagement, but it also resonates much closer to home. A number of our team are ‘in the region of’ 50 years old, while others fit firmly into … Continued

A Day in the Life: Running a well-oiled machine

19th October 2018 | ENGAGE News

Every day in the ENGAGE office is different in my role as Business Manager. I’m often told I’m the glue that keeps the company together and this is something I’m really proud of – even when I’m keeping multiple balls in the air!   I’ve worked at ENGAGE for almost three years now, during which … Continued

Testimonial from Baer Pettit, President of MSCI

8th October 2018 | Employee Engagement

We spoke to the president of MSCI Baer Pettit to find out how we have helped MSCI improve their employee engagement.   Working with ENGAGE, Baer Pettit, President of MSCI from Vimeo. If you would like more information on how we could help you please call +44 (0) 203 176 4531

Employee experience: striving for integrated and contextual measurement

25th September 2018 | Employee Engagement

A truly integrated employee experience has been the holy grail for many organisations for a number of years now. Being able to track an individual employee’s lifecycle from their initial contact with the organisation through to their exit – and possibly beyond – could add tremendous value to our pursuit of predictive, smart HR data. … Continued

Our method: Engagenomics

17th September 2018 | Employee Engagement

How are we different to all other employee engagement companies?   Get in touch if you would like us to help your organisation – Click Here

Reviewing the critics: why does employee engagement stir up such emotion?

5th September 2018 | Employee Engagement

Engagement surveys elicit strong emotions. A recent article in the FT questions the purpose and credibility of engagement surveys, based on the first-hand experience of journalist Pilita Clark.   The article itself is reasonably balanced and points to some big queries about the ‘right’ way to measure engagement – 15 minutes for a survey is … Continued